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Sue Art studio is Solveig van Wijngaarden, a Dutch self-taught artist from The Hague (and a little bit Bonaire), born in 1987.

She loves to portray the feeling of freedom, emotions and colors. Besides painting she loves theatre and singing. Although painting since she could hold a brush, in the last couple of years she found a new love for Streetart. Painting a big apartment building is on her bucket-list.


She makes colorful artworks that are a combination of realistic subjects and abstract elements. Often with a dreamy or magical feeling of freedom or inner strength. Always with a human or animal as the main subject.

Her works are mostly in acrylic paint on canvas or walls, or digitally drawn in Procreate.


Education: Communicatie en Multimedia Design Hogeschool van Amsterdam


Fulltime artist since 2017: Sold over a 100 paintings and created dozens of murals.


(schilderij in opdracht laten maken) is possible. Please e-mail to with your wishes for a mural or painted / digital painting. (Dutch or English) Or check the 
to get your portrait drawn or painted.

Tshirts and prints now available in
the Swan Market ‘Haagse Helden’ store 

Schoolstraat 20-22 Den Haag / Open 7 days a week

1000 Kolo di Karibe

"We worked on the red STOKED bus together. You're easy to work with, hold on to your agreements, quality of work is above and beyond! Want to have a great piece of art? Call Sue."


"Ik heb een prachtige tekening van Solveig gekocht. Met een ijsvogel erop. Een weloverwogen kleurenpalet is gebruikt."




don’t use my art without my permission

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