Artist - colorful portraits, murals and digital art


My name is Solveig. It’s Norwegian and you pronounce it as: Sue-Way. Not to bad, right? Or just call me Sue 😉

I am a Dutch artist, who paints murals, portraits and more. Colorful, versatile and eager to learn. Open to new experiences and collaborations!

For me ‘Sue Art studio’ is a way of life. I need to create. I need to tell stories through my art. I would be bored and miserable without it.

I also love (and studied) musical theatre. My theatrical background shines through in my artwork, where I work with rhythms, colors, emotions and stories.

Please contact me on info@sue-artstudio.com or send me a message on social media. Just to say hi, discuss your ideas or simply ask for my services. 🙂

Hope to meet you soon!

Solveig /kunstenaar

ps: Check out my experience/education on my LinkedIn account

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Live: Bonaire and Holland

Digital: Worldwide


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